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#404 : Enfants disparus


Nathan et Dwight enquêtent sur des disparitions d'enfants liées à une légende urbaine.

De son côté, Duke recherche Audrey en se focalisant sur la perturbation de Jennifer, qui entend de nouveau la voix de la jeune femme, toujours coincée dans la grange, sur le point d'exploser!

Grâce à Jennifer, Audrey parvient à revenir à Haven, mais ne possède aucun souvenir de sa vie lorsqu'elle était Audrey et affirme s'appeler Lexie!


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Titre VO
Lost & Found

Titre VF
Enfants disparus

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Trailer (VO)

Trailer (VO)


Extrait : "Who are you ?" (VO)

Extrait : "Who are you ?" (VO)


Photos promo

Duke et Jennifer

Duke et Jennifer

Nathan, Jordan et la Garde

Nathan, Jordan et la Garde

Duke aide Jennifer à travailler sa concentration

Duke aide Jennifer à travailler sa concentration

Dwight, Nathan et le mari d'une perturbée

Dwight, Nathan et le mari d'une perturbée

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Les enfants victimes de la perturbation

Jennifer se concentre

Jennifer se concentre

Jennifer travaille avec Duke

Jennifer travaille avec Duke

Jennifer se concentre

Jennifer se concentre

Duke aide Jennifer

Duke aide Jennifer

Nathan et Lexie / Audrey

Nathan et Lexie / Audrey


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Ecrit par Speed Weed
Réalisé par Lee Rose

Guests : Steven McCarthy (Braer Brock), Krista Bridges (Carmen Brock), Janine Theriault (Valerie), Timothy Schwager (Ben), Kristin Langille (la mère d'Harper),  Mitchell Heinrich-Frederick (Kent Tobel), Joey Romkey (le père de Kent), Travis Flint (un volontaire), Olivia Wood (Douen 1), Katherine Shore (Douen 2), Jack Wolfe (Douen 3), Sam Humphreys (Douen 4)

> Captures de l'épisode

In a house.

Mom et child : Now I rest my sleepy head upon my soft and cozy bed. I pray the lord to keep me safe and watch me close until I wake. I love you, Harper. Sleep tight.

Someone laughs.

Mum : Did you make that laugh?
Harper : No, it was my friend.
Mum : Was it Bella or Oscar the cat?
Harper : No, it was a new one.
Mum : Well, tell your imaginary friend it's time to go to sleep.
Harper : Okay.

She goes out and we hear the laugh again.

Harper : Let's play a game. Bye-bye.


Mum : Rise and shine, Harper. Harper? Oh, my God. Harper!


Mum : I went in this morning to wake her, and she was gone. Whoever took her had an awful laugh. Harper said that it was just her imaginary friend, but there had to be someone else in there.
Dwight : Are you sure someone entered the house?
Mum : Do you know anything about little girls, Chief?
Dwight : A little.
Mum : Then you know no 4-year-old could have done that. The kidnapper built that and then pulled her up the vent.
Nathan : She must have used this to open the grate.
Mum : What are you talking about?
Dwight : We don't think there was an intruder, ma'am. Your windows and doors dead-bolt from the inside. No one got in here to take her.
Mum : Harper couldn't have done this.
Dwight : Ma'am, some people have special abilities that they can't control.
Nathan : That make them do things they can't normally do.
Mum : You're talking about the Troubles. We don't have those in our family.
Nathan : Do you have some recent photos of Harper?
Dwight : A Troubled 4-year-old?
Nathan : Yeah, I know. We need Audrey back now.

In the barn.

Lexie : All right, William... What is this barn that I'm supposedly in?
William : It's... it's a space between two worlds, and it's been badly damaged. If you don't leave soon, you will die.
Lexie : You know what? That's easy for you to say, 'cause the last time I tried to leave, I just walked out that door and came straight back in.
William : You have to find the real door, the door that leads back to Haven.
Lexie : Mm. Why don't you just tell me where that is?
William : I can't. The barn was built for you. Only you can see through this.
Lexie : You know what I don't get? I don't get why everybody else disappeared and you didn't. Who are you, William?
William : I wish I could tell you... but I can't. Right now I'm only allowed to help you. So... do you want to see the truth?
Lexie : Yes.
William : Okay. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Clear your mind of all expectations and tell yourself when you open your eyes, your mind will open, and the truth will appear before you.
Lexie : Oh, my God. What's happening?
William : Now you can see it. The barn is dying. We're in its final moments.
Lexie : What if I can't find this door?
William : You will cease to exist.

In Jennifer's head : "You will cease to exist."

Jennifer : Audrey...

Nathan : I hate this place. The barn crumpled to nothing. How can Audrey still be inside?
Duke : The time-traveling barn that turned ten seconds into six months for me? That barn?
Nathan : So there's a door? There's a way for Audrey to get out?
Duke : That's what Jennifer heard, but her connection wasn't great. I thought she might do better out here.
Nathan : The place where we last saw the barn. You landed in Boston. Audrey could come out of that barn anywhere.
Duke : Yeah, let's hope. Jennifer said... if Audrey doesn't come out that door... she dies. Look...
Nathan : What else do you hear?
Jennifer : Nothing.
Duke : Back off, okay?
Nathan : Well, I need her. I...
Duke : What are you doing? You are freaking her out.

Phone ringings.

Nathan : Yeah.

Jennifer : Sorry. I'm not good with pressure.
Duke : I know. Look, you're doing great. Just try to keep listening.
Jennifer : Yeah, to the magic invisible barn. Okay.
Duke : It's okay.

Duke : What?
Nathan : That was Dwight. A second kid's gone missing, another 4-year-old. But Audrey could walk out here at any second.
Duke : Usually when Jennifer hears Audrey, she's been relaxed. Now, getting her to relax is something that you suck at. But what don't you suck at?
Nathan : Solving cases, finding people.
Duke : Exactly. So you go find the kids. I will get her to calm down. We will find Audrey, and we'll all live happ... You know what I mean.
Nathan : Get her to hear.

Duke's boat.

Duke : And breathe in. And breathe out. Yoga is about the mind controlling the body. That's why we don't feel the cold right now.
Jennifer : But do you really think this is gonna help me hear things?
Duke : Absolutely. You see, by focusing on your breath, you can do anything.
Jennifer : Like this?
Duke : All right. That was good. That was great.
Jennifer : Yeah?
Duke : Why don't we try some meditation?
Jennifer : Okay.
Duke : Okay.

Haven PD.

Dwight : This is really starting to smell like a Trouble. Second victim is Kent Tobel. Shopping with his dad out at Lambert's, then he snuck back in the stock room and built this. Climbed it to reach a key on a hook. Used the key to disarm the emergency-door alarm.
Nathan : Another elaborate escape plan for a kid barely out of diapers. Could Harper and Kent maybe have the same "imaginary friend" Trouble?
Dwight : They're not related... but they both go to Sunnyside preschool. That's where my daughter Lizzie went.
Nathan : I bet you were a great dad.
Dwight : I didn't fit in the tiny desks for parent-teacher day too well.
Nathan : You fit pretty good in mine. You're a good chief, Dwight.
Dwight : Thanks.
Nathan : Let's check the preschool, see what these kids have in common.
Dwight : We might not need to. Lambert's just emailed over their security-camera footage. There's Kent.
Nathan : That's the laugh Harper's mom heard.
Dwight : Look, that's the door that leads to the stock room and the rear exit.
Nathan : Do you see Kent's face? It's like the laugh cast a spell on him. Once he hears it, he can't help but follow.
Dwight : But where is it coming from?
Nathan : Hey, can you go back? I thought I caught a glimpse of whoever's behind that door.
Dwight : What'd he look like?
Nathan : I don't know... small, like a kid, but... Hang on. Zoom in. Move it to the left.
Dwight : Wow. I don't think that kid goes to Sunnyside.

Duke's boat / The barn.

Duke : Okay, now sit like this. You can just sit however's comfortable. Here. The idea is to allow your mind to be as empty as the bowl. Now, close your eyes... and take a deep breath in.

Jennifer let something falls on the floor. Lexie hears the noise on the barn.

Lexie : All right, what was that?
William : That's good. Okay, that's a good sign. That means someone's looking for you.
Lexie : Who would be looking for me?
William : You're more important than you know, and your friends need you.

Haven PD.

Vince : What else did Jennifer hear?
Dwight : Just that Audrey's in the barn and she's looking for a door.
Dave : A door?
Dwight : Duke and Jennifer are on it. I need you in the archives. We think this 10-year-old boy is kidnapping the missing children.
Dave : What's wrong with his teeth?
Dwight : That's what I want you to find out. I got to get to the brambles. They were seen headed that way.

In the forest.

Nathan : The brambles are dangerous, so stay in close visual contact with each other. If you find the kids, wrap them up in the blankets right away. Get them warm. They're facing serious risk of hypothermia. Let's go.
Woman : Detective Wuornos? I'm, uh, Carmen Brock. I'm the principal of Sunnyside. We actually organized the, uh... the search.
Nathan : Oh, great. Uh, did you... do any of your families have, uh, older brothers, like ten years old?
Carmen : Yeah, lots of them do. Why?
Nathan : I'll need a list. But cover your sector first. We need to find those kids.
Carmen : Okay.

Nathan (phone) : Duke, how's Jennifer doing?
Duke : She is... fantastic. Yeah, we charged her chi, aligned her chakras. Now we're just flushing her brain with blood.
Jennifer : I don't think this is working. My sinuses are exploding.
Nathan : I'm coming over.
Duke : No, no, no, no, no. Could you just hang on a second? You are doing great. Just... keep hanging. Hey, Nathan, you come here, bring some nails for Audrey's coffin, because having you here is the last thing that Jennifer needs.
Nathan : Well, your plan isn't working.
Duke : Man, what did you think... I was gonna turn her into a yogi in half a day?
Nathan : Then what the hell is your plan?
Duke : Here's an analogy. Jennifer's at the free-throw line, one second left in the big game. Now, if she thinks about it, she chokes. So I am trying to distract her from the pressure, make her think about anything else except what she has to do so she opens up her mind.
Nathan : And she starts to hear. Smart.
Duke : Yes, it is. Okay !

Jordan : Audrey's still in that barn? Then what are you doing out here?
Nathan : Because I've got missing children, Jordan.
Jordan : Guard's out in force to find them. We're getting used to cleaning up your messes.
Nathan : 17.
Jordan : What?
Nathan : 17. That's how many people have died because of the Troubles since I shot Howard. These two kids die, that's 19... lives, Jordan, not just messes. And I think about them with every breath I take. So you know what? I will find Audrey. She will kill me. The Troubles will end. And then I won't have to think anymore about all the pain that I've caused this town.
Dwight : We found footprints.
Nathan : Let's go.
Dwight : The two small sets are Harper and Kent.
Nathan : Then there are bigger prints... barefoot, all of them.
Dwight : I think we're looking at four kidnappers.
Nathan : Four Troubled 10-year-olds?
Dwight : And look closely at the toes.
Nathan : Are those claw marks?

Haven PD.

Dave : Where have you been?
Vince : I've been to the archives and found what the police need while you've been... where have you been?
Dave : The room. I did some reading.
Vince : Oh, put that away.
Dave : It's the door, Vince, the one that Audrey's supposed to come out of.
Vince : What about it?
Dave : It bothers me.
Vince : It bothers you?
Dave : Yeah.
Vince : What doesn't bother you, Dave... loud music, starchy collars, Mrs. Perlmutter's dog?
Dave : Skittles is yappy.
Vince : I rest my case.
Dave : Nathan.
Nathan : Can we make this quick, guys? I got to get back to the search. The brambles turned up nothing, and we're running out of time.
Vince : Yes, well, many cultures have tales of childlike creatures that steal children.
Dave : We've seen before where myths are explanations for the Troubles.
Vince : The claws are specific, though, to an Afro-Caribbean legend called "Douen." Douens have clawed feet and clawed hands. Their laugh enchants children to run away from their parents and go deep into the wilderness.
Nathan : That's what we're dealing with. So someone's Trouble is creating these creatures.
Vince : Yeah.
Dave : Now, unfortunately... news of the missing children has spread all over town. Every parent in Haven has their kids locked up tight.
Vince : Well, that might not be enough. It says here Douens are masters of deception. They can steal away even the most protected child.

In a house.

Child : Why can't I go outside and play?
Mum : Because I said so. You can play race car if you want.
Child : Yeah!
Mum : I'm gonna go double check the alarm system. You stay here. Ben, what are you doing up there? Ben's window open. Ben's window closed. Ben, stop playing with the window. Ben? Ben! No, no!

Haven PD.

Nathan : Masters of deception. Does it say what kind of deception?
Vince : All kinds. Douens are particularly good at misleading search parties. Their victims are never found.
Dave : But if they're not in the brambles...
Vince : They could be anywhere.

In the forest.

Two kids are walking.

In the house.

Mum : thought I did everything I could. I kept him inside. I... I set the alarm.
Dwight : This isn't your fault, Valerie.
Valerie : Please excuse me.

Nathan : Masters of deception... which basically means we don't have any idea where to look for these kids. They lure their victims into the wilderness, and then they're never found again. There's a lot of wilderness around Haven.
Dwight : And easy for a kid to die with this cold front.
Nathan : We have to find whose Trouble created the Douens in the first place, and hopefully that narrows the search.
Dwight : What connects Ben to Harper and Kent? Ben doesn't even go to preschool.
Nathan : Who knows all three kids? The Douens targeted these particular children.
Dwight : Uh, babysitter maybe, uh, uh, piano teacher... that sort of thing?
Nathan : An art teacher. Ben likes to paint.
Valerie : Ben likes to give his art to people he loves as presents, but I'm his art teacher. That one's for his aunt.
Nathan : Aunt. Car. Man. To aunt Carmen. Is Ben's aunt Carmen Brock, principal of Sunnyside preschool?
Valerie : She's my sister. Ben loves her.

Duke's boat.

Jennifer : Ah! Take that, Duke-sama-rama. Drink.
Duke : Kanpai.
Jennifer : Okay, now, this... this I can do.
Duke : Okay. Ah. Here we go.

Jennifer's head : "Your friends need you".

Jennifer : Duke... I can hear.

In the barn.

William : Your friends are searching for you right now. It means one of them is special. They have a connection to the barn.
Lexie : My friends. Oh, hey, friend! Can you help me find this door I'm supposed to find?
William : They can't help you with your door. They have their own to find.
Lexie : Wait. Stop. Wait. You have two doors now?
William : Yes. One that you must open and one that they must open.
Lexie : Oh, like adjoining motel rooms?
William : Yes, both have to be open for you to escape and survive. I knew someone would be looking. You always have friends. It's part of who you are.

Duke's boat.

Jennifer : We have to find a door.
Duke : I'm sorry. What?
Jennifer : I have to listen.

In the barn.

Lexie and William hear Jennifer's voice.

William : Listening... that's not a bad idea. Use your other senses. Maybe that can help you.
Lexie : Okay, so now you want me to hear a door.
William : Would that be the strangest thing I've asked you to do?

Duke's boat.

Jennifer : Ah! I lost it. There's a foghorn out there.
Duke : Look, just ignore it. Tell me more about this door we need to find.
Jennifer : She finds one, and we find one. If we fail, she dies.
Duke : A door to what?
Jennifer : I'm not sure. Adjoining motel rooms?
Duke : I'm sorry?
Jennifer : Not that. Shh! I can't. The foghorn is distracting me.
Duke : Wait a minute. I don't hear any foghorn.
Jennifer : What does that mean?

Carmen's house.

Nathan :  Carmen Brock, police!
Dwight : Carmen left the brambles an hour ago. I'll call for a search warrant.
Nathan : Well, let me know when you get it. Carmen? She's not here. Why put the baby in the living room?
Dwight : No diaper pail. No baby-food splatter. I... I don't think they have an actual baby.
Nathan : Then what's all this stuff for?
Dwight : The power of positive thinking? They want one. And look at this. They've been trying I.V.F. for years.

Man : Carmen? Honey?
Dwight : Braer Brock? We're looking for your wife.
Braer : So am I. She's not answering her phone. What's going on?
Nathan : You heard about the missing children?
Braer : Of course. Ben's my nephew. What's that got to do with Carmen?
Nathan : Your wife knows all three children. We think she has a Trouble. Do you know what that means?
Braer : Yes, but I can't believe Carmen's Troubled. And even if she was, she wouldn't harm a child. She loves children.
Nathan : But you don't have any of your own, despite a lot of trying.
Dwight : Did something happen recently? Something that upset her, maybe a failed I.V.F. attempt?
Braer : No, as you can see, we're used to those. But, yes, Carmen's sister Valerie, Ben's mom, she told us recently that she's pregnant... by accident... that she could conceive without trying while we try and try, and all we have to show for it is a mountain of debt and a pile of baby crap collecting dust in the corner...
Dwight : That triggered her Trouble.
Nathan : Carmen has created some creatures who've taken Kent and Ben and Harper. And if we don't find them soon, they're gonna die.
Braer : Those are her three favorite children.
Nathan : Well, maybe because she can't have kids, her Trouble is trying to deprive others of theirs.
Braer : No, you're wrong! I mean, if she's not here, it's 'cause she's gonna find those kids. And that's it. She's gonna bring them home.

In the forest.

Carmen is singing with all the kids and the Douens.

"Ring around the rosie
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes
We all fall down"

Carmen : Harper? Harper. Oh, my God. You're so cold. Oh, my God. It's cold.
Child : I want my mommy.
Carmen : Oh, my God.
Child : I want to go home.
Carmen : I got to get you guys home.

Douens start to cry.

Carmen : Harper, do you want to rest? Okay, you rest. Let's play. Come on.

Outside Carmen's house.

Braer : That's a child... With claws?
Dwight : A Douen. Probably took her to meet with her kids.
Nathan : Troubles work on emotions, so it's likely a place your wife feels her baby envy deepest.
Braer : Carmen would never harm a child. She was built to be a mother, okay?
Nathan : Okay, maybe she isn't harming them. Maybe the Douens are assembling a family for her.
Braer : That's got to be it.
Nathan : Where would Carmen be happiest with kids?
Braer : There's a clearing in the Chatham woods where I proposed to her.
Nathan : All right, we'll follow you.
Dwight : What made you switch theories so quick?
Nathan : Call it a hunch.

Nathan : Duke, what's Jennifer heard?
Duke : Lots of good stuff.
Jennifer : We have to find a...
Nathan : Duke, are you there?
Duke : Yeah, could you just hang on a second, please? You've met Nathan.
Jennifer : Yeah.
Duke : Now, do you think we really want him to know that if we don't find the door that Audrey dies?
Jennifer : Probably not.
Duke : Probably not. Nathan, find the kids. We're doing great.
Nathan : Okay, I'll call you back.
Duke : We're doing great. Son of a bitch. The foghorn.
Jennifer : What?
Duke : The foghorn. I thought I couldn't hear it because I'm used to them. But what if only you can hear it because it's coming through the barn?
Jennifer : Why would the barn play a foghorn?
Duke : No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not from the barn, through the barn. Look, I'm saying the barn is located near a real-world foghorn. Okay, just now I could hear a police siren coming through Nathan's phone. One way to find Nathan would be to find the actual siren.
Jennifer : Find the foghorn, find the door.
Duke : Find the foghorn, find the door.
Jennifer : Great. How?
Duke : I need my charts. Charts.

In the barn.

William : Listen to the foghorn, and remember... it will help you find the door.
Lexie : It's coming from over here. It's here.
William : Well done.
Lexie : All right, now what?
William : Open it.
Lexie : Open it? All right.

Duke's boat.

Duke : Now... What? What is it?
Jennifer : I think she opened her door.
Duke : Not already!

The barn.

Lexie : Oh, my...

In the forest.

Carmen : Leave her alone. She's resting.
Dwight : It's severe hypothermia. She'll die if we don't get her to a hospital. Ah! Nathan, get Kent.
Nathan : What are you doing?
Dwight : They're too fast to hit. Those claws can sever arteries. We can't save those kids if we're dead.
Braer : What do we do now?

The barn.

Lexie : You lied to me. There's nothing through there. That goes nowhere.
William : What you're seeing is a barrier between two worlds. It's not a space that you can inhabit, but it's not endless. You can cross it.
Lexie : What? No. No way.
William : You can do this.
Lexie : How am I supposed to do that?
William : You make a leap of faith.

In the forest.

Braer : My wife... this Trouble's made her crazy.
Nathan : Did you notice the Douens didn't attack you? This isn't Carmen's Trouble, Braer. It's yours.
Dwight : They didn't attack you because you created them.
Braer : That's absurd.
Nathan : Carmen's playing the protective mother because she's under their spell, which is just what you want.
Braer : I don't want any of this.
Nathan : You promised her a family when you proposed to her right here on this spot. That's the fantasy the Douens are carrying out for you.
Braer : It's Carmen who can't accept being childless. I've accepted it.
Nathan : But you haven't accepted the fact that it's your fault. I.V.F. files say there's nothing wrong with Carmen.
Braer : Those tests could have been wrong!
Nathan : Look, I get it. You're married to a woman who's built to have children, but she can't have them. I lost a son. I might even be responsible for his death. But denying that it's my fault doesn't help. All I can do is move on. You got to do the same, or those kids are gonna die.
Dwight : Nathan.
Nathan : Please... you have to face the truth.
Braer : It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault.

Carmen : What happened?
Dwight : Your husband just decided it's time to adopt.
Nathan : You're gonna be okay.

In the barn.

Lexie : Do we know if my friends have opened up their door on the other side?
William : I don't know.
Lexie : You want me to jump, and we don't even know if I'm gonna live or die?
William : I guess that's why they call it a leap of faith.

In the forest.

Nathan : It's not his fault, really. It's a biological problem.
Dwight : Braer didn't see it that way, and I can see why. Is it my fault that my daughter inherited my Trouble? Probably not, but I blame myself for her death. If you knew it was his Trouble, why didn't you talk him down back at the house?
Nathan : We had missing kids. I didn't want to stop for anything. I got to go.
Dwight : Good luck.

Duke : Yeah?
Nathan : Duke, did you find anything?
Duke : Yeah. I... I would say yes, we did.

Somewhere in Haven.

Duke : Just get down here. Nathan's on his way, and I'm still not seeing the door. Tell me I didn't just lie to him.
Jennifer : It's right here, Duke. I'm staring right at it.
Duke : Is it open?
Jennifer : It's closed.
Duke : If we don't open it, Audrey dies.
Jennifer : I know. I'm trying. It won't budge.
Duke : Nathan's gonna hate this.


Nathan : Pull harder or something.
Jennifer : It won't open, Nathan, I think because Audrey closed her door on her side again.
Nathan : What do you mean she closed her door? What, did she change her mind? Is she not coming?
Jennifer : I don't know! Stop yelling at me.
Duke : Nathan, that's enough. Look, we found the door, okay? She's gonna come out any minute. We just... How the hell did they find us?
Jordan : We followed you, Nathan, in case you got cold feet. Give me your gun.
Duke : No way. Nathan, don't do this.
Jordan : You don't get a say in this, Crocker. He made a deal.
Duke : You shut up. Nathan. Nathan, listen.
Nahtan : Duke... Let him go. We're doing this. I'm doing this.
Jordan : Thanks.

Jennifer starts to hear Lexie again.

Lexie : A leap of faith. Leap of faith. Right.

Jennifer : She's opening her door.

Lexie : Okay. Okay. All right.

Nathan : I can't open it.
Jennifer : Maybe it has to be me.
Dave : No one's opening that door!
Nathan : We have to open it, or Audrey will die.
Vince : Dave, put the gun down. I tried to stop him, but he's got some crazy notion in his head from reading the archives.
Dave : It's not crazy. Opening that door could unleash powers far beyond our control.

Lexie : So you, um... you want to go first?
William : I'm not coming.
Lexie : Why not?
William : This is a journey only you can make. Don't worry. We'll all be fine. And I'm sure we'll meet again.
Lexie : I hope so.

Nathan : We have to open it, or Audrey dies.
Dave : I know, Nathan. I'm sorry. But I... I promise you, it's a small price to pay...

Duke : When Audrey comes out, I'll start throwing punches, give you guys a head start.
Nathan : No. The Troubles end now. Go on.

Lexie : You know, you kept saying that I'm not who I think I am. If I make it to the other side... who will I be?
William : Whoever you most want to be.

Nathan : Audrey! Audrey! You made it.
Lexie : Hi.
Nathan : Hi.
Lexie : What are you doing?
Nathan : The Troubles haven't ended. I know what Howard told you. Killing me is the only way now.

He kisses her.

Nathan : Please. Please, Audrey.
Lexie : I'm not killing anyone... certainly not someone I've never met before.
Nathan : What?
Lexie : And who is Audrey? My name is Lexie.

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Walk to Vegas sera diffusé lors du festival de Palm Springs

Walk to Vegas sera diffusé lors du festival de Palm Springs
Le film Walk to Vegas d'Eric Balfour, inspiré de l'histoire du commentateur vedette du World Poker...

Le Calendrier du mois sur Haven !

Le Calendrier du mois sur Haven !
On dirait que Duke n'a pas su attendre le jour de Noël pour revêtir sa tenue... Le quartier Haven...

A travers la faille: Las chicas del cable / Call the Midwife

A travers la faille: Las chicas del cable / Call the Midwife
La quatrième faille temporelle d'Haven vient de se refermer et la destination choisie par la...

Le Calendrier du mois !

Le Calendrier du mois !
Pour ce mois de novembre, un beau calendrier signé Emilie1905 qui met à l'honneur la jolie Laura...

Ce weekend, rencontrez Laura au Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show

Ce weekend, rencontrez Laura au Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show
Laura Vandervoort et les acteurs Tom Welling et Michael Rosenbaum seront à Paris ce weekend à...


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cinto, Aujourd'hui à 11:58

Des séries ont un épisode spécial Noël; venez voir la PDM de Ma sorcière bien Aimée s'il y a la vôtre...

CastleBeck, Aujourd'hui à 13:10

2 bannières et 3 thèmes attendent vos clics dans les préférences. Merci pour les 4 quartiers qui attendent patiemment. Bon dimanche!

quimper, Aujourd'hui à 14:55

Et moi, je vous annonce l'arrivée du calendrier de décembre d'Elementary. L' esprit de Noël est au rendez-vous.Bonne fin de week-end à vous.

juju93, Aujourd'hui à 16:39

Nouveau sondage chez The L Word : "A table ! avec Lez girls". Venez réveiller vos papilles ! Et toujours la PDM, les calendriers...

cinto, Aujourd'hui à 19:28

Merci à tous ceux qui sont passés chez Ma sorcière Bien aimée suite à mon post sur la PDM sur les séries spécial Noël!

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