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#110 : La main qui tue

Duke présente Vanessa, son ancienne baby-sitter, à Audrey. Tous les deux étaient présents le jour où a été prise la photo du Colorado Kid, mais aucun d'eux ne se souvient de rien, comme si on les avait forcé à tout oublier. Dans un même temps, Vanessa est impliquée dans une série de meurtres horribles, et va devoir aider la police à découvrir le véritable coupable.


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Titre VO
The Hand You're Dealt

Titre VF
La main qui tue

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Audrey Parker, incarnée par Emily Rose

Audrey Parker, incarnée par Emily Rose

Duke Crocker, incarné par Eric Balfour

Duke Crocker, incarné par Eric Balfour

Duke et Audrey enquêtent

Duke et Audrey enquêtent

Vanessa, l'ancienne baby-sitter de Duke

Vanessa, l'ancienne baby-sitter de Duke

Duke, Audrey et Vanessa

Duke, Audrey et Vanessa

Duke, Audrey et Vanessa

Duke, Audrey et Vanessa

Vanessa, l'ancienne baby-sitter de Duke

Vanessa, l'ancienne baby-sitter de Duke

Audrey mène l'enquête

Audrey mène l'enquête

Julia essaie d'aider Audrey

Julia essaie d'aider Audrey

Audrey devant les casiers du lycée

Audrey devant les casiers du lycée


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Ecrit par Jim Dunn.
Réalisé par Rick Rosenthal.

Guests : Cynthia Preston (Vanessa Stanley), Max Topplin (Matt West), Elizabeth Murphy (la principale), Bill Carr (Morris Crane), Hans Pettersen (Brian), Bradley Bailey (Xander) et Rachael Whitzman (Cheryl).

> Captures de l'épisode

High Scool

Duke : The only time I was in school after 3:00 p. m. was for detention.
Audrey : What are you trying to do, swipe a lunch box?
Duke : Maybe. Some of those are collectibles. For the record, this place gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Audrey : Huh, I had you pegged as one of the cool kids.
Duke : For the record, nobody was cool in high school, not even me.
Audrey : Yeah.
Duke : High school, like so many other things, should be left in the past where they belong.
Audrey : Wait, wait, is that your way of saying you don't want to help me with this?
Duke : No.
Audrey : I find a picture of the Colorado Kid's death, and I spend all this time running around Haven trying to ID the woman in the photo, who could be my mom, and then after all of that, you tell me you were in the picture.
Duke : Okay, that may have been unfair.
Audrey : Yeah, you think?
Duke : I'm gonna try to get Vanessa to talk to you.
Audrey : Okay.
Duke : But she was just my babysitter. I haven't even seen her in over a decade. And there's one other thing. I can't remember anything from that morning nothing. Okay. 

The enter in Vanessa's office.

Duke : How have I not seen you? You look incredible, unbelievable.
Vanessa : Well, I hope it's not that unbelievable. I have been in Portland, mostly.
Duke : Well Portland has been good to you.
Audrey : Maybe I should just leave you two to finish catching up.
Vanessa : I'm sorry. What can I do to help you?
Audrey : This is you, isn't it?
Vanessa : The woman next to Duke is your mother?
Audrey : That's what I'm trying to find out. Her name is Lucy Ripley. It's been 27 years, and that morning is still a mystery. We don't know who the Colorado Kid was, how he died. So anything you could tell me that might help me know why she was there or what happened...
Vanessa : Look, I'd I'd like to help, but...
Duke : You don't remember what happened.
Vanessa : No, not a thing.
Duke : Me either.
Vanessa : Really? I mean, that's a horrible feeling, right?
Duke : Yeah, which is why I don't talk about it.

Audrey : All right, so maybe I had my hopes up too high.
Duke : Buddha says expectations lead to suffering.
Audrey : So does quoting the Buddha at me.
Duke : We'll go see that photographer tonight. How's that?
Audrey : Fine. So are you hot for teacher?
Duke : Babysitter. A boy's got to have somebody to play with, right?
Audrey : Yeah.


Vanessa : Xander, work on communicating with your words, all right? And, Matt, control your temper. Don't let it control you. Okay, now, go.
Matt : Stay out of my way, loser, or my foot's gonna communicate with your ass, got it?
Vanessa : Stop that right now. Matt West, my office immediately.
Matt : But he just...
Vanessa : That's a detention. Do you want another? I'm watching you. Go. Those boys were at each other's throats.
Principal : You call that an intervention? I'm talking to you. Vanessa? 
Vanessa : Principal Manning, I I'm just sorry, I'm not feeling very well.
Principal : Go home now. Whether your illness has anything to do with your ability to handle students is a matter we will discuss later. 

Vanessa goes outside and takes her phone. 

Carlene : You stop this, do you hear me? I'll call the police.
Vanessa : It's too late. The police can't help you, Carlene.
Carlene : I want you to leave me alone.
Vanessa : Carlene, don't get in there.

Carlene gets in her car. The car explosed. 


Haven PD

Audrey : Cars explode, and the fire department investigates, not us.
Nathan : Unless there's foul play.
Audrey : Okay, no one says "foul play" anymore. Look, I'm sorry. I don't see anything that's suspicious.
Julia : I'd have to agree.
Audrey : Hey, what are you doing here?
Julia : I did a summer rotation with the ME a few years ago. With Mom gone, they need a hand, so here I am.
Audrey : Hey, so do you think that this whole car thing do you think that's an accident?
Julia : My preliminary findings. No injuries inconsistent with being inside a really raucous explosion.
Nathan : Which bothers me. I mean, cars don't just explode.
Audrey : Okay, see, I know that I'm the one that's usually asking all the questions, but I just I don't see anything here.
Nathan : Well, I would like to ask around if that's okay with you.
Audrey : Yeah, no, go feel free. That's fine.
Nathan : We could talk to her coworkers. Thank you, Julia.
Julia : No big. Hey, Audrey, you want to grab a bar stool sometime? Be kind of nice to talk to someone from outside this strange little petri dish once in a while.
Audrey : Yeah, sure.

Audrey : Hey, do you want to get some coffee?
Nathan : You could use some. Just black for me, thanks. I think I'm done with the fancy stuff.
Audrey : Great, high five for the real thing. Hey, it's on me. 

Audrey : Nathan, I'm sorry, but there's just nothing here. There's no evidence of an explosive device. There's nothing that seems unnatural.
Nathan : There's just there's something that I don't like. Make that two things.
Duke : You always look so happy to see me. Miss Audrey, shall we abscond?
Audrey : I-I'm sorry. We were gonna go talk to somebody about the photo. I just I totally forgot.
Duke : Does that mean that we're not doing this? 'Cause that's fine. I'm happy to...
Nathan : None of this is going anywhere tonight. I'll stay, poke around a bit more. You should go.
Audrey : No, but you're right. There's still more people we can talk to. I can make some phone calls.
Nathan : Parker, you don't need to be on the clock 24-7. Go.
Duke : Wow. Nathan Wuornos being magnanimous is a rare and beautiful.
Nathan : Please, take him and go.
Audrey : All right.
Nathan : Okay. 
Audrey :Thank you.
Duke : I was giving you a compliment, okay? I'm just saying, that was a legitimate from the heart.
Audrey :Come on.
Duke : Okay.



Audrey : Just how did you find Morris Crane? I turned over half the rocks in New England to put a name on the photographer in the picture.
Duke : I guess I just turned over different rocks.
Audrey : Yeah.
Duke : So you think this guy's got other pictures, huh?
Audrey : Well, he had a camera in the photo. Can only hope so.
Duke : Well, you know, Buddha says...
Audrey : Hey, don't even start with me.
Morris : You mean nobody else remembers? Damn, that's strange. That's that's strange.
Duke : That is strange. I don't remember any of it.
Morris : Well, hell, why would you want to? I can't forget it. They they came out of the water, three, four at a time.
Audrey : Who did?
Morris : The guys with the with the little things on their hands.
Audrey : You mean claws?
Morris : Yeah, like like a lobster. They were clicking back and forth at each other. Some kind of language I couldn't quite make out what they were saying.
Duke : Crazy, table for one. Let's go.
Audrey : You had a camera. You must have gotten some film.
Morris : No, they ate it right in front of me, little blue bastards.
Audrey : Okay, all right. You know what? We're gonna see ourselves out. Thank you.
Duke : It was really good to meet you.
Audrey : Sorry, I forgot my coat. Thank you.

She calls Nathan. 

Audrey : It was all sort of depressing.
Nathan : Actually, it sounds kind of funny.
Audrey : Did we get any progress on Manning?
Nathan : I pulled the log from her cell phone calls to and from teachers, no surprises.
Audrey : Whatever that is. Nathan, are you okay? You've been acting odd, more than usual.
Nathan : I'm all right. See you in the morning.
Audrey : All right.


Haven PD

Vanessa's coming but his phone rings and she stops to answer.

Vanessa : Hello?
Duke : So I'm looking around my restaurant today, thinking, "Is this really me?" And then it dawns on me. I know a guidance counselor who happens to be kind of cute.
Vanessa : It's kind of a bad day, Duke.
Duke : Yeah, I'm sorry. I heard about that. You know, bad days are seldom improved by being alone. Meet me at the Gull. We can have a drink.
Vanessa : I'm sorry. Another time, Duke.

Nathan : Night, Laverne.
Laverne : Night, sweetie.


Grey Gull

Audrey : A strawberry daiquiri, huh? I bet those are pretty hard to come by in Darfur.
Julia : Some of the stuff I've drunk out in the bush, you would not believe. But when I get anywhere near civilization, I can't resist a big froufrou mess like this.
Audrey : Yeah, I can get that. Julia, I didn't know Eleanor that well, but she she was...
Julia : Unique? Yeah. Mom did it all her way. She lived with this crazy troubles stuff. She died with it. And she never budged an inch for anybody. She had a good run.
Audrey : Well, to your mom, then.
Julia : You can have her notes from the autopsy if they'd help you.
Audrey : What autopsy?
Julia : The Colorado Kid's.
Audrey : Wait. What, she was there?
Julia : She was there. She was training with the ME's office. She helped handle the case.
Audrey : She never told me that.
Julia : She was probably waiting for you to earn it. Anyway, she took notes on everything. You're welcome to go through them.
Audrey : Thank you, Julia. That's that's great.


Swim Club

Vanessa : Hey! Let me in!
Coach : Lady, we're closing up. I'm sorry.
Vanessa : No, no, no, no, no. Hey! No!

Boy 1 : What you say to me? Huh?
Boy 2 : Get out of here. This ain't your pool.
Boy 1 : Come on, man. Let him go. It's not your pool. Unless you want to take it from me.
Coach : Hey, guys. I'm locking up. You got less than ten.
Boy 1 : Idiots. 

An other boy looks the swimming and leaves.

Boy 1 : Hey! What's going on? Help! Ah! Ah! Hey! 
Vanessa : Somebody help!  Help! No! Hey! No! No!


Julia : New one, even for me. Kid was boiled.
Nathan : Boiled?
Julia : Yeah, boiled, Nathan. Not quite falling off the bone but close enough. No other trauma. Two deaths now in one day. This is why I left this place.
Audrey : We need to start with the pool heater.
Nathan : Because there's any chance that it could crank out enough power to heat all this water up to a boil?
Audrey : No, because we need to be able to say in the report that we did. No, we both know that Julia's right. This is not natural, like the car thing this afternoon. High school principal, high school student we have a connection.
Nathan : Guess I know what we're doing tomorrow.
Audrey : Yeah, I guess so. I'll go ahead and do research. I think Julia will help, and you can take witnesses.
Nathan : Deal.
Audrey : Deal. Are you okay?
Nathan : Yeah, just, uh, the smell got to me.
Audrey : Right your sensitive nose.


Haven PD

Nathan : So there was a woman near the pool before Xander's death. Did you see her?
Boy 2 : Like I told the other cop, I didn't really see her.

Nathan : Kind of busy here, Duke.
Duke : You say that as if I come here looking for you ever. Where's Audrey?
Nathan : Working a case, also busy.
Duke : She really doesn't know how to cancel appointments, does she?
Nathan : Find someone else to pal around with.
Duke : That's a fine idea, Detective. I'm sorry to interrupt. Is it weird to hook up with your old babysitter?
Nathan :  You're kidding, right?
Duke : No.
Nathan : I don't have time for this. The sketch artist is down from Portland. 
Duke : Do you mind?  Hey, kid, what do you think?
Boy 2 : Hot.
Duke : Exactly. Right. You?

Duke sees what the sketch artistr draw : it's Vanessa.

Nathan : Duke, Go.
Duke : I'm off like a dirty shirt.

Audrey : Man, you weren't kidding when you said your mom was a note taker. But I'm still not finding anything about heat or fire in here.
Julia : Try this. They're stories Eleanor heard about incidents back in the '70s death and destruction at some cabin on the border between New Hampshire and Vermont.
Audrey : And here and upstate New York. Now, these people, they mentioned something about a firebug, but I don't think that means arsonist.
Julia : You ever heard of pyrokinesis people starting fires with their minds? I've heard stories about it in some of the cultures I've visited.
Audrey : Thanks. That's worth a start.


Grey Gull

Duke : Well welcome to the Grey Gull.
Vanessa : It's, uh, charming. I don't see any gulls.
Duke : No, they're, uh they're not allowed inside.
Vanessa : Oh, of course.
Duke : Come on, let me, uh let me show you around. Here's the bar. This is the deck. That's, um, pretty much it. Please.
Vanessa : So you're a smuggler?
Duke : Well it's true I've had several encounters with various law enforcement entities, but I'm an importer.
Vanessa : Mm. Importing illegal goods?
Duke : Well, everything is illegal somewhere. So enough about me. What about you?
Vanessa : What about me?
Duke : Well, for instance why does Nathan Wuornos have a sketch artist drawing your face?
Vanessa : He does?
Duke : Mm-hmm.
Vanessa : I got to go.
Duke : Vanessa, I can probably help if... Vanessa? Let me help.
Vanessa : Don't, don't. You can't.
Duke : Vanessa, look...
Vanessa : It's coming.

Audrey : Is that her?
Nathan : Yeah, the witnesses have been collaborating on an image.
Audrey : Hey, can you, uh, move her part over? Yeah, and move it more towards the middle. Okay, that's better. Yup, and her glasses, more rounded at the bottom. Good. That's her.
Nathan : Thank you. You can go.
Audrey : Thank you. I spent a half an hour with her and Duke yesterday. That's Vanessa Stanley.
Nathan : She called 911 after Manning's car exploded. I've been trying to reach her all day. But if you met with her at noon and then she blows up a car at 4:00, it's quite a coincidence.
Audrey : I was meeting with Vanessa because she was at the scene of a very mysterious death. And suddenly we have her at the scene of two other mysterious deaths?
Nathan : Hmm, suddenly it doesn't sound like such a coincidence.
Audrey : Let's go pick her up.


Vanessa house

Nathan : Police! Open up! Police!
Duke : I heard you the first time.
Audrey : Duke?
Duke : Hi, Audrey. How are you?
Nathan : Vanessa!
Duke : She's not home.
Nathan : Wait. Is she the babysitter you were talking about?
Duke : I don't appreciate the judginess. Come in. I came here looking for her, and she was gone. And I found all this.
Nathan : So you just let yourself in?
Duke : Yeah, call a cop. She came by the Gull earlier. We were talking and...
Nathan : You saw the sketch. You tipped her off.
Duke You want to arrest me, or you want to let me talk?
Audrey : Vanessa, the Gull, then what?
Duke : As I was saying, we were at the Gull. We were talking. Somehow she found out about the sketch.
I don't know. And then she freaked out, all right? She took off. That was a few hours ago. She wouldn't answer my calls, so I came here to check on her, and I found all this. I mean, it's it's nonsense. It's descriptions of explosions and guns and It's all pretty freaky.
Nathan : It's kind of manic.
Audrey : Yeah. Wait. Look at this. Those names that are crossed off, that's the two people that died yesterday. This a hit list?
Duke : A hit list? Vanessa? You did meet her, right?
Audrey : Well...
Nathan : You knew her, what, your babysitter. You know, people change.
Duke : You didn't.
Audrey : Okay, Matt. Matt, next on the list. Ring any bells? 
Nathan : There was a Matt at the pool when Xander died Matt, uh, West. He's a student. He was on my witness list.
Audrey : All right, let's get to him before she does.


On the street

In her car, Vanessa is following Matt. Police arrives.

Nathan : Police! Let me see your hands. Get out of the car slowly.
Duke : Don't do this. Vanessa, don't do anything stupid.
Vanessa : You don't understand. There's going to be an explosion.
Audrey : Does that have anything to do with this?
Vanessa : Yes. No! Look, there's only a few minutes to save Matt.
Duke : Vanessa? Hey!
Vanessa : No, don't touch me. Don't touch me. You got to stop it, Duke. There's a propane tank. It's gonna explode.


At a party

Matt : So, Cheryl, messed up what happened to Man-o-Manning, huh?
Cheryl : My spam filter's on, loser.
Boy 2 : Rude much? Stupid much? Piss off, West.
Vanessa : That's Matt.
Nathan : Hey, break it up!
Duke : The grill. Pool.
Nathan : Everyone! Everyone move!
Audrey : Clear out! Move back! Get back.
Duke : Get back. Get back. Go. Go.

They drop it in the pool. Nothing happen.

Duke : Oh, great. We should get out of here. Let's get out of here.

It explosed in the pool.

Nathan : Hey. Hey, you. You were at the pool when Xander died.
Boy 2 : So what?
Nathan : Let's go.

Audrey : How did you know? 
Vanessa : I see things. I see the last things people see before they die. They're just fragments. I try to stop them from happening, but no matter what I try, the people keep dying.
Audrey : Do you think it was Brian?
Vanessa : I don't know. I haven't seen him. I just I feel him out there. I'm just trying to stop him.
Audrey : Okay, so what about the list? 
Vanessa : A disaster is coming. All those people are gonna die. I just haven't figured out what happens to them.
Audrey : Are you okay?
Vanessa : I don't think it's Brian.
Audrey : Why not?
Vanessa : Earlier this morning, I touched a mirror. I saw my own death. Nothing has changed about the image. The disaster still comes And I still die in it.


Grey Gull

Audrey : You looked like you were in pain before that tank exploded.
Vanessa : The pain comes and goes. It's it's worst right before somebody dies. It started yesterday afternoon. I was feeling sick. And Carlene came in and found me, and she touched me. And I saw what was gonna happen. And it was the same thing with Xander and and all those people at the bar yesterday. I saw so many of them dying at the same time.
Audrey : You know, you could've come to us for help.
Vanessa : I wanted to. I even went to the police station, but I was afraid that you would assume I was to blame.
Nathan : No, we would've listened to you.
Duke : Yeah? And then what? Locked her up? Like Brian, the kid you've got just in case?
Vanessa : God, it doesn't matter. It's fate. Right, I can't change anything. All I have to do is watch. I can't change anything.
Audrey : Hey, we just did, at the party just now. We can make our own fate. We can stop this. And we will.


At Vanessa's

Duke : I'm sorry. We messed this all up. We couldn't make much sense of it.
Vanessa : That's okay. Neither could I. This this is about Phil Banks here. He's the lumber guy at the hardware store. He's lying on the ground, or maybe it's a floor, and he's looking under something, and the fire comes rushing at him.
Nathan : You describe it very clearly.
Duke : Soldiers, guns what, are the Canadians finally invading?
Audrey : Okay, you know what? Here's one. "Man on fire burning from inside." You think he's the cause of all this?
Vanessa : Yes. That, I'm sure of.Audrey, can I speak with you for a moment privately?
Audrey : Yeah.

Vanessa : You came to see me the other day because of the Colorado Kid photo, and I told you that I didn't remember anything, because I didn't. But it started to come back to me.
Audrey : You remember that morning? 
Vanessa : I remember something. I remember that this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I was there that day because I'd seen how he was going to die.

Duke : Come on, you're not buying into this fate stuff, are you?
Nathan : What, so Duke charts his own path?
Duke : You don't?

Vanessa : After you visited me, I was upset, and it just started to come back to me.
Audrey : Vanessa, when troubled people get upset, the shock, it triggers their affliction. I'm really sorry. I feel like this is all my fault. If if I hadn't visited you, you wouldn't be suffering like this.
Vanessa : God wouldn't have given me this terrible gift for no reason at all. I'm supposed to do something to save people. There's always a price for that.

Nathan : Let's say a guy like me, who can't feel anything, meets a woman and discovers he can feel her touch. That just seems like fate, doesn't it?
Duke : But Jess left you anyways, which is sad, but it's not fate.
Nathan : Forget it.

Vanessa : Do you want to hear about my vision from that day, the day the Colorado Kid died?
Audrey : Yeah. Yeah, if you can tell me, yeah.
Vanessa : There was a hand coming right at me, at his face. It was a pale arm a man's arm with a tattoo of some kind inside the forearm. I'm sorry. That's that's all I remember.
Audrey : No, that's great. That's more than I had five minutes ago.

Nathan : I don't get this. All she can see is a textured red wall. What is that? 
Duke : Life is random. Now, we try to convince ourselves that this little movie we call life has a plot. But it's not a movie.
Nathan : Yes, it is. That's exactly what it is. Parker! We got something! Get in here! It's a movie. This whole thing, everything takes place in a movie.
Audrey : That's where the war images come from.
Vanessa : But I think it's outdoors, not in a theater.
Both : Dockside Green.
Audrey : What's Dockside Green?
Nathan : Bunch of kids have been screening movies there lately.
Duke : Yeah, they, uh they put up a big screen, charge a buck, show movies. People bring picnic stuff, blankets.
Vanessa : Okay, wait. Wait. Matt West, okay, he's part of the group that show the movies, right? They let him in because he knows how to run the equipment.
Nathan : Matt West. He was at the school. He was at the pool.
Audrey : And the backyard party. That's it. He's our common thread. Great. We just saved a killer.


Dockside Green

Duke : So now what, chase everyone out?
Audrey : No, I think the rain's gonna do that for us.
Nathan : Then we just got to find him before everyone else leaves.
Audrey : Yeah, I don't see him up at the projector.
Nathan : NLet's split up. Duke, come with me. You're tall and loud.
Duke : That was almost a compliment. Be careful.

Audrey : Is what Nathan says about Matt true?
Vanessa : Well, he's a troubled kid. His temper gets the best of him. You know, I think he tries, but for every step forward he takes, something makes him lose his cool, and he self-destructs.
Audrey : Great, a troubled misfit perfect. Excuse me, we need to have you leave now.

Matt : Hey, Cheryl. You want to share my umbrella?
Cheryl : Not interested.
Matt : But...
Cheryl : West, you are not invited to attend my life, rain or shine.

Vanessa : Got to hurry. It's coming. Okay, we need you to go now. Pack up your things. Go, please. Thank you. Can you please leave? Thank you. Go! Everybody go!

Audrey : Matt West, I'm a police officer. I need to talk to you. You need to come down right now!
Matt : Let go of me! Leave me alone!
Audrey : You did that, Matt, and you need to make it stop.
Matt : What are you talking about?
Audrey : People have the ability to do things, unusual things, and we think that you can heat things up, catch them on fire.
Matt : The troubles? You mean I did that?
Audrey : Yes, you did that. You blew up the principal's car, and you killed Xander in that pool.
Matt : This is awesome.
Audrey : No, Matt, you have a choice, all right? This is not awesome. This is murder.
Matt : Oh, yeah? Prove that in court. Leave me alone.

Vanessa : I'm not gonna let this happen.
Audrey : Vanessa, no!
Duke : Vanessa!

Something explosed, she falls.

Duke : Vanessa, come on.
Nathan : Matt, stop this. We will shoot.
Matt : No, you won't.
Audrey : Nathan, put it down. It's burning.
Matt : A gun's not really fair, is it? That that didn't that didn't hurt, did it?
Nathan : Actually, no. But you are starting to piss me off.
Audrey : Nathan, stop. I think I think I have a way to to take him down. Just hold on.
Matt : Oh, you're you're you're gonna try to fight me? That'd be stupid!
Audrey : Look at you, Mr. Big Bad Guy now, talking smack to the cops like he's all tough. "A gun isn't really fair, is it?" Oh, you actually think that we're afraid of you?  
Matt : You should be. 
Audrey : Oh, yeah, that? That's supposed to scare us, right? 'Cause you're all big and powerful? You know, whatever. Come on. I don't have time for this lame-ass bad guy.
Matt : Hey! Hey, you can't walk away from me! You don't go till I say so!
Nathan : You sure about this?
Audrey : Trust me.
Matt : Screw you! You can't talk to me like that! I'll burn your ass!

Matt screams and burns himself.

Nathan : He's gone.
Audrey : I killed him?
Nathan : No. You saved everyone else. 

Duke : Hey. Hey, you hear that? They're coming for you. You're gonna be just fine.
Vanessa : I'm not. It's it's okay. I don't want to I don't want to live with this gift.
Duke : You don't get to just give up. There is no fate.
Vanessa : Yeah, Duke, there is. Do you want to know what I what I saw about you?

She saw him what is on her mind.


Grey Gull

Audrye : This is all my fault.
Julia : You can't blame yourself.
Audrey : Vanessa is dead because I triggered her affliction.
Julia : And all those people are alive.
Audrey : Yeah, but how did we know that they weren't gonna die anyway?
Nathan : You can go crazy trying to explain fate, looking for the secret reasons why things happen waste of time. You never know if you're right. Screw fate.
Duke : Agreed.

Audrey : I'm sorry about Vanessa. What did she tell you?
Duke : Oh, well, she told me what every man secretly wants to know how he is going to die. Fantastic, right? Except she couldn't help with the when. The how, yes, but the when... Not so much.
Audrey : How do you die?
Duke : Well, apparently, some guy with a tattoo of a maze with four little people at each of the compass points grabs my face with his hand.
Audrey : Wait a second. Vanessa, she had a vision of the Colorado Kid before he died, and it was of this man's hand, and it was coming towards him.
Duke : It was the same guy, right? Same tattoo?
Audrey : Wait a minute. Like this?
Duke : How did you know what that looks like?
Audrey : We found it on a body about a month ago.
Duke : Well, if he's dead, then he can't kill me, right? What? What, there's more than one guy out there with the same tattoo?
Audrey : We know of at least one, but there could be more.
Duke : Well, then that's too bad for them, because I'm gonna find them first. Looks like we're on the same team.

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